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Keychron sale: Save on our favorite mechanical keyboards

In the world of keyboards, mechanical models tend to stand out among the best money can buy, and out of those, Keychron’s options have proven to be some of the best mechanical keyboards we’ve tried. Right now, a ton of Keychron keyboards are on sale thanks to a special 6th Anniversary Sale the company has going on now.

Keychron’s Anniversary Sale is running through April 7, giving you plenty of time to snag one of the company’s many excellent keyboards for up to 35% off. Though be sure to act quickly — some models have already sold out.

While Keychron’s keyboards are normally already something of a bargain, they’re an even better deal with this discount. The company offers a wide variety of models with different sizes and layouts, customizable keycaps for style and function and a great selection of different key switches to let you get the feel you prefer. A great many of its keyboards also support wireless connectivity, which is still something of a rarity from mechanical keyboards. Here’s a look at just a few of the options the Anniversary Sale has in store:

Our pick for best wireless mechanical keyboard goes for a compact design while offering extras like Bluetooth connectivity and backlighting. It feels and looks great, and it supports Mac and Windows.

If you’re looking for a tiny keyboard that still brings mechanical switches and wireless connectivity, our pick for best low-profile mechanical keyboard is it.

This keyboard gets right to the point. It’s a TKL model, meaning it omits the number pad but otherwise has most of the keys you’ll be used to on a full-size keyboard. It comes in white or RGB backlighting, and mechanical or optical key switches with a variety of different feels. 

This model keeps it simple, but still offers wireless connectivity to let you use it with even more devices. It’s also one of the cheapest models you can get during this sale without jumping into less common keyboard configurations.

If you want to up the ergonomics of your new keyboard for long writing sessions, you can grab a wooden palm rest to match your selected Keychron keyboard. Don’t worry, it’s on sale, too.

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