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North Korea: North Korea’s spy satellite ‘crashes into sea’, vows 2nd launch ‘as soon as possible’

SEOUL: A military spy satellite launched by North Korea earlier in the day crashed into the Yellow Sea owing to an engine problem and it plans to carry out its second launch “as soon as possible,” reported Yonhap News Agency.According to Korea Central News Agency (KCNA), North Korea launched “Malligyong-1,” the military reconnaissance satellite mounted…

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Despite GOP ‘Work Requirements,’ Compromise Debt Bill Actually Boosts SNAP Enrollment

WASHINGTON — More people would be able to get food assistance from the federal government under the House GOP’s proposed $1.5 trillion debt limit bill, a prospect likely to cheer Democrats but one that may also hinder the bill’s prospects. The Congressional Budget Office, the official nonpartisan scorekeeper for Capitol Hill, said the changes proposed…

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Ron DeSantis to Iowa: I ain’t ‘fluff’

DeSantis’ return to Iowa marked a new chapter in his political arc and a slightly new approach to boot, with the mainstream press-averse governor taking questions afterward from an assembled press corps. But the changes weren’t overwhelming. DeSantis stayed largely on script during his speech, airing a list of policy achievements and painting a dystopian…

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