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FTC chair Lina Khan warns AI could ‘turbocharge’ fraud and scams

Washington CNN  —  Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT could lead to a “turbocharging” of consumer harms including fraud and scams, and the US government has substantial authority to crack down on AI-driven consumer harms under existing law, members of the Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday. Addressing House lawmakers, FTC chair Lina Khan said the…

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Google-parent stock drops on fears it could lose search market share to AI-powered rivals

CNN  —  Shares of Google-parent Alphabet fell more than 3% in early trading Monday after a report sparked concerns that its core search engine could lose market share to AI-powered rivals, including Microsoft’s Bing. Last month, Google employees learned that Samsung was weighing making Bing the default search engine on its devices instead of Google’s…

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